Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company strongly believes that preventing losses before they happen benefits not only our policyholders, but more importantly, it protects the members and visitors of your church. We are committed to protecting your property by providing on-site inspections, by our trained personnel, at no cost to the church.

Safety First

From a safety standpoint SMCI believes having more than 8 drivers per vehicle is an increased risk due to a lack of training for a large number of drivers. Also, it is cost-prohibitive for us to run MVRs for a list of more than 8 drivers per vehicle. However, we understand there are times when churches feel they must exceed this limit, and we want to give those churches a tool they can use to provide us with additional MVRs at their own cost. As a part of our loss control procedures when insuring your church bus or van, we obtain Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) for the drivers list you provide to us, again at no cost to the church.

SMCI is pleased to expand our relationship with IntellicorpRecords, Inc. Intellicorp has agreed to offer discounted MVRs to churches who mention their affiliation with SMCI. Since each state handles MVR requests differently, each church will need to call Intellicorp directly for procedures and pricing. Please call them toll-free at 1-800-539-3717, and mention to them you are affiliated with Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company.