Sometimes you want the added security of knowing that if a catastrophe occurs and a claim exceeds your primary limits, it can still be covered without causing extreme financial loss to your church. Umbrella/Excess Liability provides additional coverage over the Comprehensive Liability, Professional Liability, Business Auto Liability and Workers’ Compensation Employer’s Liability.

What is Umbrella/ExcessLiability?

Umbrella/Excess liability provides an additional layer of protection above the limits provided by your Commercial General Liability, Directors, Officers and Trustees’ Liability, Pastoral Counseling, Business Automobile Liability and Workers’ Compensation Employer’s Liability.

Do You Need Umbrella Liability?

Most churches face the risk that their church-sponsored activities could result in serious injury to others. Purchasing an Umbrella/Excess Liability policy can provide an inexpensive way to achieve additional protection.

How Much Do You Need?

Umbrella/Excess Liability policies are available in amounts of $1 million to $5 million of coverage. The amount that you need depends on the operations and activities of the church. Activities such as daycare, kindergarten, bus or van operations, after-school programs, ball teams and gyms should all be considered.