Church Security Articles/Blogs

Forward Movement Training & Consulting
Great blog post that focuses on schools, but churches can learn from this, too.

Strategos International Blog
Articles on Church Security from Strategos International.

The KidCheck Blog is a great resource for all things related to the safety of the children in our churches.

FBI Releases Study of Pre-Attack Behaviors of Active Shooters

Free basic online video tutorials on tourniquet application and wound packing

Columbia Metro Baptist Assoc. podcast with our Marketing Manager, Matthew Quinton on Church Security

U.S. Secret Service report on Mass Attacks in Public Places in 2017

Do you patrol your parking lots?

Civilian Tourniquet Use Associated With Six-fold Reduction in Mortality

Jeff Kowell's FaithShield
Jeff Kowell retired from the U.S. Army as a First Sergeant in 2004 with 20 years of service. In 2017 he retired as the Director of Life Safety at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Through the outreach of his blog, Jeff would like to raise awareness in churches of the need for a Security or Safety Ministry. You will find much wisdom in the words of this servant leader and the many years of experience he has in the area of Church Security.

Security Consulting/Training

DRACO GROUP began in 2006 as a dedicated provider of elite security training and services. Our methodology was forged in the Israeli Special Operations community and this is the “no-nonsense” flavor we bring to the table. Our techniques are proven. We specialize in the recognition, mitigation, and defense against man-made threats to human life, property, and assets – everything you hold dear. DRACO GROUP is based in Atlanta, GA.

De Angelis and Associates
Drawing upon nearly a decade of experience in counterterrorism and homeland security consulting, De Angelis & Associates is a dynamic and continually expanding company headquartered in Lexington, South Carolina. With top-level partners from civil and military sectors, a global network and skills gained from years of study and in-field operations, we provide risk management planning, law enforcement training courses, counterterrorism tactics and security analysis for the government, armed forces, organizations and private citizens.

The Nehemiah Concept
The Nehemiah Concept is a comprehensive biblical-based program around church security. It’s foundation and purpose are centered around the scriptures. The program provides congregations with a turn-key method for assembling, training and implementing their own security teams. Based in Waynesville, NC, The Nehemiah Concept serves all of the states in the SMCIC region.

Georgia Firearms and Security Training Academy
GAFASTA is a provider of the highest level of firearms training and awareness presentations throughout Georgia including Atlanta, Gainesville, Athens, Rome and Savannah. GAFASTA develops tailor-made programs for groups, businesses and individuals that want the best training available to meet their specific needs.

AGAPE Tactical
Located in Franklin, TN, AGAPE Tactical strives to provide superior training to individuals, families, churches, and businesses in the art of self-protection. We provide Security Planning/Assessments, firearms training, Active Shooter Response training, as well as other training and services.

National Organization of Church Security & Safety Management
We provide our members with educational resources to help them in their security efforts. Resources include our website, which includes written policy and procedure templates, best practices for church security, and training videos from some of our national conference sessions of special interest to church security teams. [Based in Texas]

Federal/State Agencies

DHS Active Shooter Preparedness
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) aims to enhance preparedness through a "whole community" approach by providing products, tools, and resources to help you prepare for and respond to an active shooter incident.

Resources to Protect Your House of Worship (FEMA)
In coordination with interagency partners, the DHS Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) established a website for faith-based organizations that serves as a “one-stop shop” for information on available Federal tools, resources, and assistance.

Guide for Developing Emergency Operations Plans for Houses of Worship
This guide provides houses of worship with information regarding emergency operations planning for the spectrum of threats and hazards they may face. It discusses actions that may be taken before, during, and after an incident in order to reduce the impact on property and any loss of life and it encourages every house of worship to develop an EOP.

Praise & Preparedness
Faith-based organizations play an integral role in local readiness and recovery efforts. To support these efforts, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security is introducing a new initiative, Praise & Preparedness.

Medical Trauma Kits/Training

Tactical Medical Solutions
Years ago, the term first responder only applied to law enforcement officers, fire rescue personnel, and emergency medical professionals. Recent events have shown us that the term first responder also includes bystanders, involved participants, and concerned citizens who happen to be present. Here at TacMed™ Solutions, we understand that being an untrained provider doesn't diminish the first responder's willingness to help those in need. TacMed™ brings proven life-saving medical gear and instructions together so that anyone can become a first responder.

North American Rescue
North American Rescue is dedicated to decreasing preventable death by providing the most effective and highest quality mission critical products to our military, federal agencies, civilian law enforcement, EMS, and pre-hospital life savers.

Medical Gear Outfitters
Medical Gear Outfitters, LLC is a family run business. We want to help you with your individual needs or your department needs! We have first aid kits and supplies ready for those who want to be more prepared. We are also able to provide our services to your company or department!

Rapha Group
Rapha Group, LLC is a veteran-owned, small business in the Charleston, SC area that provides medical training and consulting to civilians, military service members, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS providers, and medical professionals who serve in all capacities.

Dark Angel Medical
Direct Action Response Training fills a niche between military self-aid/buddy care training and civilian EMS training and is geared towards those with little to no medical training or background. It provides the student with critical, need-to-know information, which can be utilized in a myriad of situations and stresses the ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ principle as well as our own principle of “Simplicity Under Stress”.

Chinook Medical Gear
Chinook is a veteran-owned, minority-owned small business that provides custom medical solutions for the harshest environments. Since 1990, Chinook Medical Gear has specialized in outfitting government agencies, military units, contractors, corporations, adventure companies, and individuals with the latest medical gear.